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SEO Freelancer from India, SEO Consulting for small business organizations and a traveller. This is my personal site for SEO Freelancing & SEO Consult. Get in touch!

SEO Professional

When you love what you do then you will never have to take a break from your profession. Thanks SEO.

SEO Consulting

If you have basic technical skills i can make you understand the core of SEO business for your business success.

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Watch my videos about SEO on YouTube, Channel name “Ganpati Zone” where I provide FREE SEO Tips.

Consulting that respects your time

Having completed The Post Graduate Diploma In Management from one of the apex institute of India, All India Management Association (AIMA). Registration No. 109620093 with specialisation in Marketing Management (MBA).

Pillars of Success

Solid foundations with 20 years of experience

Gopal Dass Verma

My Father

My father always encouraged me and gifted me my first computer.

Dharampal Gulati

CEO of MDH, Indian Spice Company

Gave me inputs with his rags to riches real life success story. (Wikipedia)

School & University

My Teachers & Friends

All my teachers & friends who discussed studies 24 x 7.

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