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Google Adwords Freelancer

Google Adwords Freelancer

Informal conversation to shift the direction of change forever.

best google adwords freelancer near me
Best Google Adwords Freelancer Near Me
Google Adwords Freelancer – English Intro

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My 19 Years Experience as (Formerly called) Google Adwords Freelancer India but now as a Google Ads Freelancer India

Google Ads Management PPC Services in Gurgaon India
google adwords freelancer india
Google Adwords Freelancer India
Google Adwords Freelancer India – Hindi Intro

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Hi, I am Pankaj Verma, Google Ads Freelancer India. I started my career as a Google Adwords Freelancer from India.

Currently, I accept selected projects only!

Having 19 years of rich experience in this domain and I have seen how Google Ads have drastically changed over the years.

Freelance Adwords Specialist

When I started every thing was so easy and it just took us few minutes to setup Google adwords account and as the competition was less so we paid less attention to the campaigns.

But gradually when the small business recognised the importance of Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords) a new bread of professionals were born.

Google Adwords Professional

google adwords freelancer
Google Adwords Freelancer

And I am a part of that generation. I have seen & felt how at first business were reluctunt to go for this new technology. But as the years passed and as the ones who started and gradually got online business success. The success was not immidiate but a new baby was born for the international business. This baby made its precence felt slowly and slowly.

The onces who adopted and adapted with their business strategy this baby (Google Adwords) started earning them some percentage of business from Adwords.

I was so much inclined to this online business that after my MBA(Marketing) from AIMA. I started getting short term projects from local business from my area in Karol Bagh, New Delhi, near my residence.

google adwords freelancer in india
Google Adwords Freelancer In India – MBA (Marketing) All India Management Association (AIMA)

Google Ads Consultant

What started as a hobby now is 100% profession which i love from my heart and soul.

When we we put our 100% in somework our destiny is created by our hardwork and same thing happned with me.

I gave my best and i still continue to learn from my mistakes and gave the best results to the small business.

What started as a one time account setup as competition was less in those days after few year became a freelancer work for me.

When business started getting business calls and really understood the power of this medium. My phone started ringing and i was in demand as a freelancer. Yes Google Adwords Freelancer from India.

I take only selected projects….(Google Ads Freelancer)

The best part of working with me as a Google Adwords freelancer in India is that the price is very competitive and I take only selected projects as i am fully involved with Ganpati Zone – which provides SEO and PPC Services from India.

I still charge very competitive to my local and international clients as a freelancer of Google Adwords. This enables me to have direct touch with the work projects and helps me to grow my knowledge further. The more I work …. The more i grow.

Following are few of the testimonials from my clients from worldwide.

google ads freelancer india
Google Ads Freelancer India – Customer Satisfaction Is Important

I give my best for all the projects for which i am booked.

Sometimes some people feel that Google Adwords is simple and not require any experience. You will know this once you start a campaign and to set everything correct you will need to optimize the Google Ads correctly.

You can get the support from Google Ads representatives.

But do remember your business is forever and the Google ads help executives for few few months or years to help you setup your campaign. They will do hit and trial to setup your account and if they are promoted to another department, or leave the job etc you have no choice to do the work with another person who will give his or her suggestions for your business.

This way you come back to a BIG ZERO again. This is my personal experience. At the end of the day they are concerned only for the salary they get from Google Ads and are not really concerned if your business grows or dies. This will not effect their bread and butter.

So now a BIG question you should get hold of someone on permanent basis, either a company , consultant or a freelancer for that individual or company should be able to give best and know whats been done since years to optimize your Google ads account.

With a freelaner you can get connected anytime according to your convenient time and its not the case with Google Support executives or any company. They are only available only during the certain period of the time and on holidays when your free they are on holiday too.

So this way as a freelancer of Google Adwords I made myself available to my clients according to their convenient timing and this is also one of my growth factor in this field.

So your search for Google Adwords freelancer in India ends here.

My further details and certifications are below.

Google Adwords Freelancer Certification

I currently serve Clients in United States (USA), Canada, Italy, Spain, London (United Kingdom), Australia, China, Peru, South America to name a few and their satisfaction is only the reason I still learn and grown my knowledge further.

When a Passion becomes your Profession you are bound to WIN. And yes I am a winner as now not only i work as a Google Adwords Freelaner from India for my selected clients worldwide. But i also as a Project Manager of Google Ads Management Team: Lead a dedicated and experienced workforce for the success of our clients business.

Currently with immense competiton you require the services of Google Adwords Manager and its a must.

But if your budget is low, still you are lucky to hire me and get services of Google Adwords Freelancer India at a low price. You get 19 year experience behind my work and as a Google Ads Project Management team head i have options to give you best technology as mostly i am regular intouch with the young and dynamic professions in this field. This field gives opportunity for constant learning and constant earning….. if you are regular and active.

I always treat my client business as my own business. If we own something we will really care about that thing. And this things keeps me moving to find the best solutions for my clients and by reducing the cost per click in adwords to ensure the success of the online venture.

According to me and what my experience taught me. What matters for success is not the expertise in that particular field but also how a person can handle the situation or create opportunities which are unseen or knock the new doors of opportunities which might be unseen by my clients.

As i am immersed in this profession day by day so to get more insights what can bring success for my clients is easy to understand and which i then discuss with the clients team.

Google Adwords Management is not a race that if you optimize your campaigns correctly you are a winner. No, you will win if you act smart and do things different from what your competitors are doing.

My MBA(Marketing) gives me and extra edge to provide you the best and deep dig the resources which might be a gold mine for your online business performance.

When others think we plan… what others plan … we execute a plan after critically examining your competitors and taking the best from each one of them and creating a strategy which have all the positives and due to this your business is bound to bounce up and win more business projects.

For example, when i start each project. I first minus all the negative keywords which really do not belong to your business and will suck the money out of your wallet.

If you are a business selling flowers in Los Angeles. And if your ads are seen by a college fresher who is looking for a job of receptionist for a flower company. If your ad is see by her and if she clicks you will be charged and this cost will bring extra unnecessary burden on your adwords budget.

So we plan in a way to cut off the unnecessary expenses and increase the quality of your website on page SEO. This helps to increase your quality score and reduce the cost per click of your campaigns.

Further what others miss is calculating the conversions. How much you are charged over a period of time? How many leads you received and how much you spend?

If you take care of all these things in detail and revamp your current campaign to achieve greater heights and more leads as conversions with less cost per click. All this is done by regular monitoring of your campaigns.

I am available for a free Google Adwords consultation for your adwords account campaign via phone or video call. And i work only with legal business who follow the Google Ads Policies. Please do not contact if you know that you are doing business against Google polices. Sorry.

This mode of advertising bring you instant business and if the adwords professional is competent he can also bring the cost per click down and provide you the alternatives long tail or short keywords which attract less CPC but still brings you a lot of business.

Google Adwords is not a very big software and at the same time it might look a complex monster to you initially. But once you start working or try to understand it. This will become your friendly business partner.

As a Project Manager at Ganpati Zone – SEO & PPC Company (Google Ads Management Company from India) i post regular videos related to SEO, Google Updates plus Google Ads Management Tips and tricks. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel – Ganpati Zone and keep connected.

You Will Get The Best Of SEO & PPC Services

Why you should Hire Google Adwords Freelancer? This question can come in your mind. And the best answer is: What about if you can get two services at a price of one. What? As experienced SEO Professional & PPC (Pay-Per-Click-Expert) you get the best from both if you hire me.

Yes, I will optimize your Google Adwords in a way your website SEO will enhance and further reduce your cost per click expenses. And at the same time your website will be visible in Google organic search results. So you get SEO Free! This is amazing.

Some people just think Google Adwords is too costly… and afraid to start this new journey of success.

As they have a bad experience as they tried this software without full knowledge or experience. Which resulted in failure and funds wastage.

Only an experienced Google Adwords Professional Freelancer can give you the solutions. So invest in quality person. If you have a quality team you are bound to achive quantity business at less cost per click.

So this journey of your in Google Ads Management is going to be a long term relation as your business is going to last forever and we as a driver of your campaign will also survive with you as long as you business survive.

Your business survival brings us regular business. This is the motto of my business services and due to this i have earned many Google Ads Retainership projects as my clients find my company as a credible Google Ads Management Company.

We also mark a boundery location for the success of your business along with target audience, household income, gender.

Initially, we should go for exact keywords to reduce the unnecessary cost and as the campaign shows positive results we can then further increase our budget a little more according to our competitive zone.

Phrase terms keywords match, plus modifiers keywords if mixed intellegently will give 100% success solutions to the visitors who can then become your long term clients.

We also focus and give you instructions if we find problems in your website landing pages. We have a extra team or i myself will provide you this services which will result in more conversions.

For example, If I am searching for a green toy and i land on a page with shows many toys or no toys at all. So in this case the visitor to your website will get confused and will leave your site. And this enhance the bounce back rate.

This bounce back rate of the visitor is taken very seriously by the Google Bots.

Google algorithm thinks if a visitor goes back from your site within few seconds it means your site is not important for that particular keyword and this also results in increasing the cost per click of that particular keyword and demotion of your Google ads rankings and also organic rankings.

Even if you pay more for cost per click but still Google will not show your ads higher as keeping in mind the visitor experience. This sends the signals to the Google that this page should not rank above other competitors rankings.

Google ads algrorithm is very smart and in order to provide the best results provides this extra ordinary services and gives chance to the best performing websites or webpages.

So, if your website or webpage attracts the visitor for a longer span of time. More the time a visitor spends on your page means to Google that your page is important and will give you a rank boost if this happens and will also result in less cost per click.

All the actions taken by the visitor like how much time spent on a particualr page, which other pages which the visitor went. How many videos if any for how much duration the video was watched or did the visitor went to contact page or shopping cart page to fill details. All this minute calculations done by Google leads to the success of your business and if these are not according to what it should be. We discuss all this with our clients to rectify all this minute details for growth at less cost.

google ads freelancer
Google Ads Freelancer

Let’s Talk!

So lets start… a long term business relation with a FREE Google Adwords Consultation.