How I became SEO Freelancer India?


Lets go back 20 years from now. When I was young and Google search engine was a baby, just born. Those were the days when SEO optimization of any site was easy.

Websites were less and less people knew about the websites and also did not have the medium to explore sites. Laptops, desktops and mobiles were considered a luxury and were with the people who could just afford. Now its a part of life and within the budget of all classes and masses.

So, what excited me to become SEO Freelance India. I had just posted in a website classifieds about my interest of SEO and my eagerness to learn more by doing more projects and charging less from my clients.

What Does an SEO Do In Their Day to Day Work | SEO Project Manager India | Ganpati Zone

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What Does an SEO Do In Their Day to Day Work | SEO Project Manager India

I was surprised to receive a few offers from USA for SEO of photobooth and a jewellery store SEO in USA. I was super excited with this and connected with them and asked for the basics like website name, had they done SEO previously. What are the goals and milestones of the company? and who are their competitors.

So this was a start of a new venture, International SEO Venture. Till now i had done few local projects but this was my first SEO international project. Not only I was super excited but my greed to learn more SEO increased 1000% as i wanted to make sure my worldwide SEO Clients (American SEO Clients) should be satisfied with my job. So I did my best.

Website were in html those days simple sites with text and moving marquee text with Gif blink images made the customers so happy.

That was the time internet was slow, sites which were in html coding made the client satisfied easily as no options or no competiton was at that time.

If you compare current times with those years SEO was easy to learn as less mess of technology and we just knew what to do and what will be its result. But now we have a lots and lots of tools and sometimes we can’t make up our mind which tools to use. Are free SEO tools ok or will they bring results.

So now the situation is a little tricky but with more technology things have become superfast and if you are smart and do smart work its much more easier than before. Just need the patience, which is very rare qulity in the young generation.

Our childhood and the current generation childhood is diffrent.

We used to play outdoor games and current gen became adult by playing indoor games and in some cases they are much ahead of our generation.

So easy money and less compititon was what lured me into this SEO business.


Now days if we are regular and do various things which attract the search engines, then SEO is not hard.

For example WordPress now is much advanced and have a lot of inbuilt tools which are required for a smart and fast website.

So what is important for SEO in current times and if you want to do SEO on your own.

Following points are important:

  • WordPress is very advanced with inbuild tools for SEO.
  • Themes of website should be selected with full care considering the speed and easy site navigation. For example dreampress or neve are superfast themes.
  • Speed is a ranking factor and should be our first preference.
  • Images should be optimized and now .webP, with webP the quality of image is similar to .jpg or .gif but the image is comparatively very less size.
  • Try to add plugin SiteKit by Google which will give you insights of analytics, search console, pagespeed etc from the wordpress dashboard itself.
  • Must use the services of reCaptcha for forms to avoid spam and malware attacks.
  • Must take the backup of your website. If by chance its lost on the hosting server so you can easily bring back the site to life fast.
  • Hosting provider should be selected after a deep research. As if you go for a cheap hosting chances are downtime of the server and many times your website might not be live. Which means loss of business.
  • Google Cloud hosting is a good option and you can visit my YouTube Channel Ganpati Zone to learn how to create your own hosting and upload a new site on Google Cloud for Free.
  • Must use the services of website monitor. Some organizations provide free services which will enable you to know when your site goes down and if its regular so it means to change your hosting provider. As no hosting provider will mention if its server is down often.

So these are some of the points if you keep in mind will help you to develop your website in a systematic way.

So what are the things which you should avoid for SEO:

  • Make sure your hosting server has a fresh install of wordpress and no old files are kept or any plugin if you don’t use just delete it.
  • Avoid to post big images directly from mobile to your site as it use a lot of space.
  • Never copy the content of another site as its considered a SPAM and your site rankings fall or site will be removed from Google organic search results.
  • Do not write big paragraphs just write content which is interesting with short paragraphs which will make the reading easy for the site visitors and keeps the interest to stay of your site.
  • Do not spam the content or website with your keywords all over. Make sure you try to give your information to your visitors fast and in the best way. Which will keep the visitors to come back to your site again and again. This results in high site rankings.
  • Avoid minimum use of videos but if you use just make sure its of less then 15 seconds or if you want a video of long duration on your site make sure you optimize the video on your server or just embed a youtube video.


Feel free to connect with me via YouTube Channel Ganpati Zone. Here i will share more content related to my SEO Freelancer India journey.

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